Dissertation Requirements

The dissertation is intended to demonstrate the student’s ability and readiness for independent scientific and creative activity in the field of research or development, or for independent theoretical and creative artistic activity. The dissertation presents the results of scientific research and the application of research results in social practice. It is characterized by a high degree of analysis and synthesis of knowledge as well as a sufficient overview of existing scientific literature.

The dissertation is the result of solving a specific scientific task. It shows the ability of a doctoral student to work independently in a creative way. It contains original results of scientific work.
The dissertation thesis has the character of a comprehensive scientific work summarizing the original results of the research itself or the results published in peer-reviewed scientific journals or in a scientific monograph.

Dissertation elaboration

In his dissertation, the PhD student presents his / her abilities and skills, the level of his / her knowledge and the acquisition of a creative scientific way of thinking and expression. By defending his dissertation, the doctoral student demonstrates his ability and readiness for independent scientific and creative activities in the field of scientific research, research or development.

The recommended range of dissertation is 80-120 pages (144,000 to 216,000 characters).

Dissertation writing

The dissertation has the form of a manuscript or a set of several published works. A PhD student can submit a monothematic work as a dissertation. The PhD student can submit a dissertation as well as a set of his / her own papers, which elaborate on the topic of the dissertation thesis. If the PhD student submits a set of his / her own publications, he / she will complete it with parts indicating the current state of the issue, the objectives of the dissertation and the conclusions resulting from the solution of the dissertation topic. The result of the dissertation thesis should be the acquisition of new knowledge in the given issue
Dissertation work

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  • Dissertation schedule

Choosing the topic of the dissertation – the student chooses the topic from the topics listed.
Dissertation curriculum development – determination of the aim of the thesis, mastering the topics related to the topic, creation of the work version of the curriculum, defining the main topic and the issues related to it and consultation with the supervisor.

Bibliographic research – searching, informative reading and selection of relevant documents, namely book publications (monographs, textbooks, manuals, encyclopaedias, dictionaries), periodical publications (professional journals, newspapers, yearbooks, collections of scientific works), special types of information sources (patent literature, technical and technological standards, corporate literature, conference materials, annual reports, travel reports, diploma theses) and internet usage.

Processing of bibliographic survey – common reading of information obtained from bibliographic research, selection of the most suitable information, creation of own text using selected citations, consultation with the supervisor.

Research, research – own intellectual and organizational work, specifying the characteristics of the object, determining problems, determining methods of research, respectively. research. The most commonly used methods of analysis and synthesis, generalization methods, statistical methods, methods of induction and deduction, method of system approach, method of comparison and method of modeling. Consultation with the supervisor.

Final version of dissertation thesis – complete fulfillment of individual parts of the syllabus with material from bibliographic research and practical research, respectively. research object. Adding your own knowledge and suggesting possible solutions to the problems identified. Creation of abstract. Formal editing of text, tables, images, graphs, completing a list of bibliographic references. Content creation. Consultation with the supervisor
The final version of the dissertation – handing over the final thesis three pieces (in printed form, soft cover and thermal binding) and one piece in electronic form (on CD).