Attributes of writing an essay

Essential attributes of writing an essay

Expert essays are an essential part of learning at almost every college. They are more demanding school work and, by their nature, require a higher level of knowledge and analytical skills than was the case with high school. Therefore, some students are often surprised if the teacher does not accept an elaborated essay or evaluates them as poor quality, unprofessional work. In order to avoid similar situations, we will introduce you to the basic attributes of each professional essay.

Essay basically stands at the interface between interpretation and reasoning, and may be of a different nature: informative, interpretative, descriptive, critical, comparative, and so on. Writing a good essay assumes the use of substantive argumentation and reference to objective facts. It is important to emphasize that the author’s argument can never be justified by a single source, as a wider range of relevant information sources is required.

The essay presents a critical assessment of the issue from the point of view of several authors, supplemented by its own evaluation of the analyzed issue. The author explores and analyzes the current social issue, using factual, scientifically proven facts to present his opinion.

The range of the essay varies, but usually ranges from 4-5 standard pages. It is essential not to exceed the range ceiling, which is determined by the sponsor, as in the case of a higher scope of the essay it may happen that the writing slips into a paper or seminar work. Therefore, the author should consider how much space he will devote to the introduction, core and conclusion of a professional essay.

The introduction defines the main areas of question (polemics), what aspects are taken into account, the rationale for choosing the controversy. The essay is not writing a book, so only a few polemics that support the answer to the question are defined in it. Brief definitions of the basic terminology apparatus may also be used, which will certainly contribute to a better understanding of the text. The introduction should direct the reader and give him a clear idea of what will follow.

The core is the main part of the essay, which is logically the most comprehensive. The author presents the individual arguments and evidence of his statements as defined in the introduction. At the same time he argues with contradictory opinions and proves their incorrectness.

The last part is the conclusion in which there is a space for summarizing and generalizing the author’s claims.

Of course, besides thematically mastered essay, it is necessary to respect the formal attributes of writing essays. Working with information sources as well as the actual formatting reflects any other final, qualification or professional study, ie that the same formal standards are preserved from the formal point of view as in bachelor, diploma, rigorous, etc. work.

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